[Call to Action] Week of 11/13

Hi Everyone,

This week we have some items to pay attention to and an important CTA related to stopping highway widening:

Tuesday 11/14 @1pm – City Council Chambers
Mobility, Ports and Infrastructure meeting

  • Metro report on ridership on A Line
  • Public Works report on new speed cameras

Tuesday 11/14 @5pm – City Council Chambers
City Council meeting

  • Item 47 – new ordinance and updates to zoning for sidewalk vendors
  • Consent calendar item 44 – Propel is awarded contract for e-bike lending library

Thursday 11/16 @9:30am – Metro Board Room in Downtown LA
Metro Construction Committee meeting

  • Item 12 – $174M to be spent on widening 91 FWY
  • Item 13 – $33M to be spent on widening 605 FWY offramp

The CTA below is borrowed from Streets for All – this is a regional issue and we need all the help we can get to stop this!

Tell Metro: stop wasting money widening highways!

On Thursday the Metro Construction Committee has two items on its agenda to consider widening highways:

Item 12 would spend up to $174M to widen the 91 freeway by adding an Auxiliary Lane (see previous Streetsblog coverage here and here)
Item 13 would spend up to $33M to widen a 605 offramp from 3 to 4 lanes (see previous Streetsblog coverage here)

We know that widening highways just leads to induced demand, more cars, and more pollution, while also increasing traffic: it is Destruction For Nada.

Spending hundreds of millions of dollars to widen highways should not be routine in 2023, when we’re facing a climate emergency. That money would be much better spent on transit and active transportation.


1. Most impactful: make public comment in person. Go to One Gateway Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90012, 3rd Floor (Metro Board Room) at 9:30am on November 16. (talking points in the email button below)

2. Very impactful: make public comment live via phone. Call 888-251-2949, enter 8231160#. When the item(s) come up, enter #2. (talking points in the email below)

3. Impactful: email public comment by 5pm on Wednesday, November 15.

Email public comment (Customize and fill in bottom)


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